NTA Intensive Course

Learn HOW to establish a Disaster Relief Network in your City.

If you’re convinced your city needs a Disaster Relief Network, the Intensive Training is for you and your team. The course provides instruction on building the initial Leadership Core Team, developing the network of churches, recruiting volunteers, strategies for delivering survivor care, training volunteers, and deploying to a disaster.

Additionally, the Friday and Saturday before the course begins, you and your team will become certified in Critical Incident Stress Management Plus (CISM+), a nationally recognized crisis intervention technique that we have customized with spiritual enhancements. This course is endorsed by Dr. George Everly, co-founder of International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) and the founding father of the field of disaster mental health.

Course Overview

Dive deep into the four pillars of the DRN Model, learning step-by-step how to establish a DRN in your city.



Immerse yourself in four days full of instruction, conversation, and networking by disaster response professionals, ADRN’s leadership, and the comradery of other groups on the same journey as you. Interactive lectures, breakout sessions, and Q&A give every learner the opportunity to digest the content, and to discuss and collaborate. Each session in the training challenges you and your team to examine your current city and begin preparing the next steps for launching your Disaster Relief Network when you return home.


Overview Features

•  Spiritual Purpose for Disaster Relief Network 

•  Internal Structure and Operations

Building a Church Network in the City

Deploying During a Crisis Response

Shepherding Survivors


1. Online FREE Info Session (90-Minutes). that you attend the Free 90-Minute Info Session prior to attending the Intensive Course. 


2. Completion of three (3) on-demand video training courses are required before attending the in-person course. In addition to demonstrating a commitment to establishing the new Disaster Relief Network, the pre-requisite courses provide in-depth knowledge and language for disaster relief which will aid you and your team during the course discussions. Courses include: 

•  I AM Ready™ (IAR) Basic Training and Orientation

•  Spiritual Readiness in Times of Disaster
•  Disaster Relief Shepherd (DRS) Training


NTA Intensive Course

4 Day Course plus CISM+ Certification Training
$ 2,500* Cost covers 2 Min. - 5 Max. People
  • In-Person Training at UDRN Headquarters (1122 E 51st Street, Austin, Tx 78723)
  • Intensive Course (4 Days) + CISM+ Certification Training (2 Days)
  • Pre-Reqs: Attend Info Session (90-Mins) and Completion of Three (3) On-Demand Video Trainings


It is ideal for you and your team to begin the registration process two (2) months prior to the in-person Intensive Course, or as soon as you are able.

4-8 Weeks – Registration/Pre-Req Training

  1. Complete the online application
  2. A UDRN team member will reach out to you.
  3. Complete the registration packet for each member attending.
  4. Submit payment.
  5. Receive login credentials to the training portal.
  6. Complete three pre-requisite training courses on-demand in the portal.

2 Weeks Pre-Course – Confirmation/Enrollment

  1. Submit your DRNs goals and prayer points for training.
  2. Complete on-demand pre-requisite training courses.

Friday Pre-Course – Arrival in Austin and Begin CISM+ Certification

  1. Travel to Austin.
  2. Begin CISM+ Certification Training (Fri 6:00PM – 10:00PM and Sat 8:00AM – 6:00PM)
  3. Intensive Course (Mon – Thurs, 9:00AM – 5:00PM).

Church or ministry leaders interested in taking the next steps to learn HOW to develop a network in their city. Whether you are looking to add disaster response to an existing organization or wanting to learn how the church can mobilize together, the Intensive is the right course for you.

We require a minimum of two people per city attend and up to five people from your team. This training is designed for the Executive Director and Leadership Core Team. The ideal people to join you (Executive Director) in this training are those who will serve in leadership roles alongside you as you establish the DRN. 

If you plan to apply for a scholarship and attend the 12-month Advanced Course, the Executive Director of the DRN is required to attend the Intensive Training at the same time the rest of the team attends.

All three courses can be completed within 13 hours. Each course can be stopped and started at the participants leisure. All courses must be completed two Fridays prior to the Mon-Thurs NTA Intensive Course.

If you are in need of financial assistance to be able to attend, please complete the ‘Contact Us’ form and indicate in the message your inquiry about a scholarship.

2023 Intensive Course Dates

NTA Intensive Course

Feb 27 – Mar 2, 2023

CISM+ Training Prior to Intensive
Fri, Feb 24 – Sat, Feb 25
NTA Intensive Course

Jun 26 – Jun 29, 2023

CISM+ Training Prior to Intensive
Fri, Jun 23 – Sat, Jun 24
NTA Intensive Course

Oct 2 – Oct 5, 2023

CISM+ Training Prior to Intensive
Fri, Sept 29 – Sat, Sept 30